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Greetings from Messianic Rabbi David Finkelstein

Shalom! Welcome to the Am Yeshua Website. My name is David Avrum Finkelstein and I am the congregational leader of Am Yeshua (People of Jesus). I am Jewish and have believed that Jesus is the Messiah for over 27 years. Before coming to know Yeshua, I was a Conservative Jew, who was spiritually blind and lost in the ways of the world. But God though David Finkelstein his infinite mercy and grace revealed His Son to me, and rescued me from the depths of despair and depravity, radically transforming my life.

You may have come to this website for many reasons and I am hoping that after you have browsed this website, you will want a deeper and more personal relationship with God. We warmly welcome you to fellowship with us on Saturday mornings (see our Service Times & Directions bullet for more information).

Rabbi David Finkelstein