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Who Are We?: Vision, Purpose, and Mission of Am Yeshua

The vision of Congregation Am Yeshua, is understanding that as a vital part of the family of God, we are to express Yeshua's unconditional love without partiality, demonstrating His love through service and self-sacrifice to a lost and dying world.

The purpose of Congregation Am Yeshua is to glorify God and honor Yeshua in all that we say and do. It is by God's grace that we should effectively reach the world with the Gospel of Messiah Yeshua, with the confident hope that many would become "born again" and enter the Kingdom of God.

The mission of Congregation Am Yeshua is founded upon its vision and purpose. As such, our goals are:

  1. To worship God in Spirit and in Truth.
  2. To devote ourselves to the study of the Bible: teaching, preaching, and making personal application of the Word of God as led by the Holy Spirit.
  3. To become a place of sacred fellowship, a healthy family, and a community of friendships fulfilling God's commandment of loving one another.
  4. We are to be meeting the real needs of others, healing wounds, maturing in the faith, growing together in purity and in the likeness of Yeshua Ha Mashiah.
  5. To reach out into the local community and world, to share our faith in Yeshua with all people. We have a special longing in our hearts to share Yeshua with the Jewish people, and the nation of Israel, as described in Romans Chapters 10 and 11. We also desire to meet the physical and material needs of the poor in our local communities and in "third world" countries by engaging in specific, practical projects of good works which have already been pre-ordained by God in which we are to walk.